share in something greater

with truly fulfilling food from Grace Farms

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ethically sourced
women-led co-ops
100% not-for-profit owned
organic ingredients
food donations

find meaning from your food

Gift Bundles
Welcome to Grace Farms Gift Box
  • 1 box of cookies
  • 1 bag of coffee
  • 1 canister of tea
Tea Two Share Gift Box
  • 2 boxes of cookies
  • 2 canisters of tea

“The only thing I love more than the cookies is the mission.”

Silvia Baldini
Chopped Champion and social entrepreneur

“It’s an inspired story and now an ethical and sustainable brand available to share.”

Jay Fielden
former editor Town and Country and Esquire magazines

“When it comes to great taste, Grace Farms always delivers...”

Angelina Mondavi
winemaker and entrepreneur

Grace Farms Sample Bundle