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Design For Freedom Report

In October 2020 Grace Farms launched the design for FREEDOM movement with its inaugural groundbreaking report spotlighting modern slavery in raw materials supply chain of the architecture and construction industry.

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Built on Purpose: Freedom For All, Introduction

We believe that each individual has an inherent right to liberty and that it is incumbent upon each of us to use our will and wherewithal to ensure freedom for all.

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Grace Farms Foods supports the SDGs

Creating a sustainable, equitable planet requires partnership and collaboration.

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  • Time for a sustainable, equitable and just supply chain

    USGBC and Grace Farms Foundation are partnering to work toward a more equitable supply chain. As we look forward to a restoration of togethe...
  • Sustainable Development Goals

    Grace Farms Foods supports and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals through our Built On Purpose platform.
  • Video | Experience Grace Farms Aerial Footage

    See an unparalleled view of Grace Farms and The River building from drone footage taken on site
  • A Week At Grace Farms

    Discover the peace and pace of Grace Farms in this beautiful video
  • Shared Values

    It is with intention that Grace Farms Foods, a new company adopts the same values as Grace Farms Foundation.