Single Origin Ketiara

Coffee That Inspires

Sourced exclusively from the Ketiara co-op in Gayo Highlands of Sumatra, Indonesia, this full-bodied coffees offers hints of cocoa, apple, cinnamon and cedar.  This bold single origin blend is full of complex flavors that you will enjoy discovering. Scroll down for more details.


Size: 1 Bag (12 oz)

The Ketiara Co-Op

Ketiara is a female led collective of small farmers located in Takengon, a small city in central Aceh on the island of Sumatra. Beyond producing and trading premium quality coffee, Ketiara celebrates its core value of promoting women and new generations of farmers within the coffee business. The coffee is grown in the forested mountains surrounding Leuser National Park, using shade grown coffee production as a means to protect the local ecosystem. Since partnering with Ketiara in 2014 the co-op has more than tripled in members and yield. Fair Labor Organization ID #27501.

Notes of apple and cedar

Discover the unique flavors of Indonesian coffee from Sumatra. More earthy than most arabica varietals, most Indonesian coffee is washed and hulled using a wet hulling process that creates a distinct flavor that is bold and bright.

" your favorite coffee, just better."

"I consider myself a coffee snob, but there is something about this coffee and its story that makes me feel good about loving great coffee. I introduce this coffee to my closest friends by explaining, 'its like your favorite coffee, just better'." -Zach S. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Customer Reviews

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Mary P.
Smells like heaven, tastes even better!

I ordered three bags of Grace Farms coffee after a friend recommended it to me and I have to say, it is so delicious. I've only enjoyed two of the varieties so far, but already know I love everything about what Grace Farms is doing. Supporting women with my daily coffee is something I can get behind every day.

Frank D.
Flavorful and unique

I've tried all the Grace Farms coffees and I think this is my favorite. It brews a bit darker than the others and I really like the earthy flavors, especially when brewed french press.

Dana S.
Coffee that is good for the world

The scent of this coffee is really amazing, and so is the taste, but what I love most is that it is organic and fair trade. Feels good to give back with a great cup of coffee everyday.

Harrison P.
My first Indonesian coffee

I've been drinking Colombian coffee for years and wanted to try the Indonesian. You can definitely taste a difference. A bit stronger, a bit more bitter, but still very delicious.

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