Single Origin Ketiara

Coffee That Inspires

Hints of cocoa, apple, cedar and brown sugar come forward in this smooth full-bodied Fairtrade and organic coffee sourced exclusively from the Ketiara co-op in Indonesia.

Ketiara is a female led collective of small farmers located in Takengon, a small city in central Aceh on the island of Sumatra.  Beyond producing and trading premium quality coffee, Ketiara celebrates its core value of promoting women and new generations of farmers within the coffee business.  The coffee is grown in the forested mountains surrounding Leuser National Park, using shade grown coffee production as a means to protect the local ecosystem.  The coffee is washed and hulled using a wet hulling process that creates a distinct flavor that is bold and bright. Enjoy. 

Quantity and Ingredients: 12 oz. organic whole bean coffee

Size: 1 Bag

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