Salty, sweet perfection.

Add a box (or three) of Grace Farms' signature chocolate chip cookies to your bundle today.

Our Cookie Flavors
Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies
Gluten Free Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie (COMING SOON)
A Collaborative Cookie

You know it when everything and everyone works together perfectly. Our cookie has been perfected over five years with the help of Chef Silvia Baldini. Salty and sweet, these cookies are too good to only serve at Grace Farms.

Exceptional Ingredients

A commitment to excellence requires attention and intention behind every ingredient. We've chosen the highest quality ingredients like Guittard® Chocolate and organic bourbon vanilla that support our pillars of purpose.

Every Chip Matters

Grace Farms has partnered with Guittard® Chocolate's Cultivate Better™ program to use honorably sourced cocoa. Premiums from the purchase of this cocoa goes directly toward collaborative programs that work toward income generation, gender equity and environmental preservation in cocoa-growing communities. Learn more about Guittard® Chocolate's Cultivate Better™ program here.

What others are saying


...a delicious cookie I can feel really good about eating!

Jane W.
Chicago, IL

...salty, sweet bliss! My new favorite cookie!

Cliffe C.
Greenwich, CT
quoteimg can quite literally taste the quality of every ingredient

Pamela H.
Boston, MA