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We partnered with Chopped® champion and social entrepreneur Silvia Baldini to create a the first Fairtrade chocolate chip cookie in the U.S.  Made with the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients to give you a decadent cookie you can feel great about.

Cookies, perfected.

Grace Farms partnered with Chopped Champion® and social entrepreneur, Silvia Baldini, to make the best chocolate chip cookies possible. Silvia searched the world for the finest ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients to create cookies that not only taste great, they do great too.

The first Fairtrade cookie.

We believe that cookies taste so much better knowing every ingredient is free of forced and child labor. Our cookies are the first (and only) in the U.S. to be made exclusively with Fairtrade certified chocolate chips, sugar, and vanilla to ensure hard working farmers around the world are paid a fair wage. Now, that's something worth celebrating with a treat!

Made to be shared.

Our delicious cookies have been loved by thousands of visitors every year at Grace Farms and now we want to share them with the world. These delectable treats have been made to be shared during life's special moments with those you care most about. Whether celebrating with friends or just snacking with children, these cookies help make life a tad sweeter.

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