Chips and Drips Gift Box

Looking for a beautiful, simple, and delicious way to show how much you care?  The Chips and Drips Gift Box is the perfect gift.  Perfectly packed is one box of our signature Fairtrade Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies and one bag of River Roast whole bean coffee.

Chips and Drips Gift Box includes:

1 x Box of Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies (12 ct)

1 x 12oz bag of River Roast coffee

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Salty, Sweet Deliciousness

Be the first to share the first Fairtrade certified Chocolate Chip Cookie in the U.S. Made with the highest quality chocolate, sugar, and vanilla, these cookies were developed in partnership with Chopped Champion, Silvia Baldini.

Our signature blend

River Roast, our signature blend since 2015 has been loved by thousands. Sourced exclusively from women-led co-ops in Ethiopia, Colombia, and Indonesia, this blend is one of the finest cups of coffee you'll ever have or give.

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