River Roast

Bright Chocolate and Tropical Fruits

River Roast, our signature dark roast blend, is sourced from women-led co-ops in Ethiopia, Colombia, and Indonesia. Considered by many to be the finest cup of coffee available, this coffee is a balanced, full bodied roast that is brimming with flavors of chocolate, tropical fruits, and floral notes. Scroll down for more details.

Quantity and Ingredients: 12 oz. whole bean coffee

Size: 1 Bag - 12oz.

Our signature blend

Served on site since Grace Farms opened, this incredibly flavorful and balanced coffee is what started it all. Loved by tens thousands of visitors each year, we began getting calls to mail bags of River Roast across the country. Enjoy the smooth, bold taste of chocolate and tropical fruits with every delicious drip.

Empowering women around the world

Before we created River Roast, we committed to not only the best coffee possible, but also to support female farmers, entrepreneurs and their communities. Since 2014, we have partnered exclusively with fair trade women-led co-ops in Ethiopia, Colombia, and Indonesia. Each year these co-ops expand, inviting more female farmers to join, providing financial freedom to more women around the world.

"One of the smoothest coffees, with very little acidity and no bitterness."

"There is nothing more to say than this coffee is heavenly. One of the smoothest coffees, with very little acidity and no bitterness. I love knowing that I'm supporting women entrepreneurs every day." -Kristian M. Nashville, TN

Customer Reviews

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Bob C.
Stocked up for Christmas

I loaded up on bags before the holidays. Looking forward to enjoying for the next few chilly weeks with the River Roast. Dark roast, tons of flavor, and the aroma is heavenly.

Julia T.

What a way to start the day. Every ‘drip’ reminds me of trips to Grace Farms and now I’m just glad I can have the coffee at home, anytime.

Carl R.
Smells so good!

Full flavor roast with an incredible smell. I really love opening every bag of this coffee, my house smells like a coffee roaster the second I break the bag open.

Helena J.
A great coffee with a great mission

I went to Grace Farms on my last trip to NYC and had a great day. I picked up some of the coffee and tea and really love them all. What I was even more impressed with was the mission to end modern slavery and the sourcing of the coffee. Feels great to support a place like Grace Farms, even from California.

Mark B.
Grace Farms has an magical bean

Coffe grown by co-ops in Ethiopia, Indonesian and Columbia makes a very tasty batch of coffee if you make it bold: as the bag described (and right-on) we tasted a slightly citrusy, chocolate and fruit flavor in this top-shelf blend of premium beans. It's the stuff you TALK ABOUT when friends are over.

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