Grace Farms was created to bring people together to advance good in the world. Food has been a central part of convening people and creating shared experiences. Now, Grace Farms demonstrates its purpose by offering its ever-popular cookies, coffee, and herbal tea available to share with everyone.

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Grace Farms opened with the idea that 'space communicates'. Space, whether natural or built, communicates values, intention, and commitment. Grace Farms was built with the purpose to advance good in the world and pursue a more peaceful and just world.

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A Convening Coffee

While passion to advance good is our inspiration, great coffee is our motivation. In 2014, as construction of Grace Farms was underway, a local supporter offered to generously donate all the coffee to Grace Farms to serve visitors, not-for-profit partners, and staff. River Roast (formerly Heavenly Roast), a perfectly balanced, blended coffee from responsibly sourced, female-led co-ops was created and began bringing people together.

Grace Farms Foods

About a year or two after opening we began getting calls from visitors to mail bags of the coffee around the country. We asked the question, 'Can we share Grace Farms and extend our impact by making our signature food products available to everyone, no matter where they live?" ... and so Grace Farms Foods was created.

Grace Farms Foods is a public benefit corporation, wholly-owned by Grace Farms Foundation, and was created to demonstrate and educate on the charitable purposes of the foundation. Our Built On Purpose program aligns with the foundation's five initiatives and defines our four areas of impact: Freedom For All, Female Forward, Environmental Stewardship, and Connecting Communities.

Freedom for All

We believe that each individual has an inherent right to liberty and that it is incumbent upon each of us to use our will and wherewithal to ensure freedom for all. That’s why we’ve partnered with Fair Trade™ USA, Fairtrade America, and suppliers committed to a supply chain that is free of forced labor.

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Female Forward

We believe women are entitled to equal opportunities to lead, own productive resources, and exercise financial empowerment. Grace Farms Foods is committed to supporting female leaders and entrepreneurs in our company and supply chain.

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Environmental Stewardship

We believe we all have a responsibility to future generations to protect our planet and its resources. Land and resource conservation, responsible ingredient and material sourcing, and operational efficiency are all essential parts of reducing the impact our business has on the planet.

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Connecting Communities

We believe that connecting communities fosters meaning, purpose, and inclusion. Connected communities rely on shared values, shared experiences, accessibility to literary and visual arts, and a commitment to giving back.

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Business For Good

We believe that business should be a force for good, and one of the best ways to exhibit our commitment is becoming a Certified B-Corp. As a new business, we will be applying for our Certified B-Corp status after our first year of operation. Grace Farms Foods also supports the Sustainable Development Goals and our impact model aligns with several SDGs.

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We are hungry social entrepreneurs looking to bring peace to the world, one delicious cookie (coffee and cup of tea) at a time.

Sharon Prince


Sharon is keen to compound good as an entrepreneurial leader. Sharon is the CEO and Founder of Grace Farms Foundation and Co-Founder of Grace Farms Foods. With coffee in hand, Sharon brings energy and resolve to work towards more grace and peace in the world - together.

Adam Thatcher


Adam is passionate about bringing people together with food. Prior to Grace Farms Foods Adam was Director of Operations and Sustainability at Grace Farms Foundation. Adam is excited to extend the Grace Farms experience to everyone near and far.

Dean Williams


Dean is a builder. Dean, an experienced executive of the consumer-packaged food industry, joined Grace Farms Foods to build a business for good. Coffee novice, cookie master.

Silvia Baldini

Board of Advisors, Founding Member

Silvia is a chef, innovator, and serial entrepreneur. She is knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable food and she holds the belief that wholesome ingredients and traditional wisdom combined with technology will be the key to living a happy and healthy life. Silvia is a Chopped Champion on Food Network.

Danielle Padula

Board of Advisors

Danielle develops sales strategies through keen data analytics and judgement. Once a food editor, now a sales strategist in the consumer-packaged food industry, she leads with the belief that food is a key contributor to health and joy. Grace Farms Foods does just that, one cookie and tea bag at a time.

Niven McCall-Mazza

Board of Advisors

Niven tells the story the way it is. She has a deep history in journalism and giving a voice to those not heard. Niven brings female-forward to the forefront, especially while enjoying herbal tea.

Conrad Rebello

Board of Advisors

Conrad is an integrator and process orchestrator. He is passionate about helping food companies drive meaningful change, and achieve social good. Conrad brings to the team his multi-faceted expertise at innovation and commercialization across the food industry.

Jeena Choi

Board of Advisors

Jeena is a marketer, entrepreneur, and collaborator. Whether creating tea blends or communications strategies for multinational brands, Jeena seeks to invite more people to the table. Her passion for serving others reminds us how sweet for-purpose business can be.

Artist Collaborators

Elisabeth Moch


Visual Artist and Painter

Eddie Opara, Brankica Harvey, and Mary Kate Henry; Pentagram


Packaging Design

Sahar Coston-Hardy


Landscape and Architectural Photographer

Dean Kaufman


Landscape and Architectural Photographer

Julien Jarry


Landscape and Architectural Photographer

Amanda Fernandez


Graphic Design

Partners and Suppliers

Armenia Coffee and Regal Commodities

Guittard® Chocolate

Davidson’s Tea

King Arthur Flour

Golden Barrel Sugar

Fairtrade America


Growth Impact Partners

Magrino PR

Fair Trade USA

About Grace Farms

What is Grace Farms?

Grace Farms, located in New Canaan, Connecticut (40 miles from New York City), was established with the idea that space communicates and can inspire people to collaborate for good. To realize this vision, Grace Farms Foundation set out to create a multipurpose building nestled into the existing habitat that would enable visitors to experience nature, encounter the arts, pursue justice, foster community, and explore faith. Approximately 77 of the 80 acres are being preserved in perpetuity as open meadows, woods, wetlands, and ponds. Prior to restoring native habitats, Grace Farms was once a patchwork of small rural properties and a private equestrian facility. Visit www.gracefarms.org to learn more.

Can I visit Grace Farms and is that where the food is made?

Usually, yes. Grace Farms is currently closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but when open, Grace Farms is open to the public six days a week. For information about visiting, please click here. We do not however grow or produce the products sold online at Grace Farms. While the Commons offers a small menu of fresh prepared meals, pastries, and drinks for our on-site daily visitors, non-profit partners, and staff, the products we offer online through Grace Farms Foods are produced by partners off-site that meet our quality standards, use our proprietary recipes, and align with our values.

What is Grace Farms Foods?

Grace Farms Foods is a public benefit corporation that is wholly-owned by Grace Farms Foundation and was created to demonstrate the charitable purposes of the foundation. The company manufactures and retails food and food related accessories that demonstrate and educate about the core areas of impact of our Built on Purpose platform: Freedom For All, Female Forward, Environmental Stewardship, and Connecting Communities.

How does my purchase contribute to Grace Farms Foundation?

Transparency is very important to us. Grace Farms Foods is 100% owned by Grace Farm Foundation and every purchase helps us demonstrate our not-for-profit purposes through the purchase of Grace Farms' products. Our first priority is demonstrating the charitable purposes of the foundation and supporting the mission of Grace Farms Foundation. Our second priority is to help fund the foundation's work. Each year we will report how much money was contributed back to Grace Farms Foundation.

Monthly Bundles & Subscriptions

What are Monthly Bundles?

Monthly Bundles are a box of truly fulfilling food delivered to your door each month through a direct-to-consumer subscription model. Monthly Bundles are the best way to experience and contribute to the mission of Grace Farms as well as access special subscriber benefits and participate in the 'You Share, We Share' program.

When can I expect my Monthly Bundle to arrive?

All Monthly Bundles will be sent out at the end of each month and will include the most up-to-date information and insights about Grace Farms. Adjustments to Monthly Bundles must be made before the 15th of each month in order to take effect for the current month. Any changes to your Monthly Bundle made after the 15th of each month will take place on the following month's delivery.

Is there a way to add-on, skip a box, or cancel anytime?

Yes, we want to make sure that you have the right amount of food for what you need. You can add-on one-time items to your regular order anytime. While all Monthly Bundle subscriptions will automatically deliver each month, you can delay a month or cancel anytime. If you need to delay a month or cancel just email customerservice@gracefarmsfoods.com or adjust your account settings.

Gift Boxes

What are Gift Bundles?

Gift Bundles are specially curated collections of Grace Farms' truly fulfilling food! Gift Bundles can be sent to anyone in the U.S. (including yourself) and usually ship within 3 days of ordering. Gift Bundles also include a special gift card note and Welcome to Grace Farms leaflet. For each Gift Box purchased, you get to send a FREE Grace Farms Sample Bundle as part of our 'You Share, We Share' program.

I want to give multiple gift boxes, can I?

Yes, we have a Corporate and Volume Gifting program and would be delighted to help. Grace Farms Gift Boxes are the perfect gift for clients, partners, and customers to show your appreciation and good taste! Minimum orders to Corporate and Volume Gift Boxes is six. All Corporate and Volume Gift Boxes include free shipping. Please email gifting@gracefarmsfoods.com to set up your order today.

Subscriber Benefits

What is a 'subscriber'?

Subscribers have an active subscription of Monthly Bundles. Subscriptions are the best way to partner with us and support the mission of Grace Farms Foundation.

What are the subscriber benefits?

Subscribers get exclusive access to a number of benefits including:
- FREE Shipping on all orders
- Participation in our 'You Share, We Share' program and give a FREE Grace Farms Sample Bundle each month.
- Additional sharing opportunities.
- Subscribers can track how many bags of coffee have been donated as a result of their sharing
- Subscribers are given 'surprise and delight' extras and bundle add-ons to their regular Monthly Bundles
- More to come!

You Share, We Share

What is 'You Share, We Share'?

We want to share Grace Farms with the world, and one of the best ways in through our Grace Farms Sample Bundle. Through our 'You Share, We Share' program we invite our customers and partners to share a FREE Grace Farms Sample Bundle for every Gift Box or Monthly Bundle ordered. For every free Grace Farms Sample Bundle shared we donate a 3.25 oz bag of coffee to our local food relief partner, Person-To-Person.


Can I make a return or get a refund?

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know right away and we will refund your order or coordinate a replacement shipment. If you receive the wrong items, let us know and we will get it right. There is no need to return any items to us, if product is not damaged and unopened feel free to donate them to a food relief organization. E-mail customerservice@gracefarmsfoods.com for any support.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for all Gift Boxes and Monthly Bundles through May 31st, 2021.

Privacy and Personal Information

What do you do with my information?

We take every customer's privacy very serious and will never share or sell your personal information. Personal information shared through voluntary opt-in is kept secure. Credit card information is stored through Stripe and Recharge, an encrypted third party credit card processor. Email contact information is only accessible by Grace Farms Foods and Grace Farms Foundation. You may opt-out of any communication and request removal of your personal information anytime by emailing privacy@gracefarmsfoods.com. For more details please review our Privacy Policy here.