humanitarian initiatives

Grace Farms galvanizes people to address humanitarian issues, like forced labor, environmental sustainability, food security, and fractured communities.

Our stake in the ground is to end modern slavery and gender-based violence, and create more grace and peace in our local and global communities.

giving back 100%

As a 100% not-for-profit owned company, we give back 100% of all profits to support the humanitarian work of Grace Farms.

Together, we are creating a new business model of social entrepreneurship that not only demonstrates the charitable purposes of Grace Farms Foundation with each delicious product, but also gives back its profits too.

design for freedom

Forced labor and human trafficking is a $150 Billion industry with more than 25 Million people trapped in modern slavery.

Design For Freedom is a movement to build awareness and create a new system for eliminating forced labor from the raw materials supply chain associated with construction of our buildings, homes, and schools.

100% of the profits of your purchase directly supports the Design For Freedom movement. To learn more, visit Design For Freedom.

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