Lavender Goji Berry

An Engaging, Sophisticated Blend

An engaging blend of fragrant lavender and goji berries, this sophisticated tea promises both grace and peace.  Enjoy as an afternoon escape or cozy up with your favorite book.

Goji berries which have been favored in China for centuries are full of antioxidants and Vitamins A and C while lavender has been enjoyed for its stress reducing properties.  Scroll down for more details.

Ingredients: lavender, goji berries, burdock root, stevia leaf


Size: 1 Canister (16 ct)

An Engaging, Sophisticated Blend

Be transported to another world with every sip of a fragrant tea that not only comforts but stimulates your taste buds and body. Made with lavender, goji berries, burdock root, and stevia, this perfectly sweetened tea is bold, tangy, and delicate all at the same time.

Organic Lavender and Goji Berries

We thoughtfully select the finest, organic lavender and goji berries in this special blend not only because we believe organic tastes better, but because it is better for you and the planet. Both lavender and goji berries are critical pollinators loved by bees around the world, and organic means no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used. Now, that's something to raise a cup to.

" a weekend getaway to France but without the jet lag."

"There is something about this tea that I cannot stop drinking it. Its smells amazing but tastes even better; like a weekend getaway to France, but without the jet lag." -Lisa G. Winnetka, IL

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A Lavender Miracle

What an unexpected delight this tea is. I have had lavender tea before, but it can be a bit bitter and too floral for my taste. I am now a lavender-lover! It still has a strong taste and I don't know what a goji berry is but the sweetness is ideal for making it all work. Highly recommend!

Linda W.
Smells heavenly, tastes even better.

I had this tea at Grace Farms and bought 2 canisters, but I drank it so quickly I needed more. I just ordered 2 for me, and 3 for friends!

Carol T.
Tasty and sweet.

This is a very good lavender tea. If you like sweetness in your tea it is a homerun.

Kasey M.
A warm blanket of yummy!

I don't see a lot of Lavender teas because they are hard to do well. The goji berries are just the right amount to go with the fragrant lavender. It was like a warm blanket of yummy! I will definitely reorder

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