Single Origin Asoprosierra

Bright Acidity and Chocolate

Hints of chocolate and tropical fruits are fully revealed in this delectable, medium-bodied Fairtrade and organic coffee sourced exclusively from the Asoprosierra women's collective in Colombia.  Notes of bright acidity and chocolate are found in this classic Colombian roast. Scroll down for more details.


Size: 1 Bag (12 oz)

The Asoprosierra Collectivo

Asoprosierra is a committee of coffee growers that was created to support local women aspiring to financially provide for their families and communities. Fairtrade certified and USDA Organic, we are honored to share their harvest with you. Shade grown amongst rainforests at elevations as high as 5,000' overlooking the Caribbean Sea this single origin coffee offers an exceptionally smooth taste. Fair Labor Organization #23766.

Bright Acidity and Chocolate

Colombia has long been a source for some of the most balanced coffees in the world. However, the finest Colombian coffees are carefully sourced from specific regions with the ideal climate and growing conditions that accentuate the distinct flavors of the country. Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of northern Colombia, farmers harvest shade grown varietals of Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia coffee. This coffee highlights a bright acidity that fascinates the palette with a smooth finish of dark chocolate.

"a smooth, full-bodied taste."

"I decided years ago that I am a Colombian coffee drinker. The aroma in this bag, during grinding and while brewing is excellent and the flavor is bright but not heavily acidic and there is a slight bitter note to balance the overall flavor creating a smooth, full-bodied taste." -Charissa P. New York, NY

Customer Reviews

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Sara W.
Smooth medium roast

Really delicious coffee. I recommend brewing a little lighter than suggested for a slightly cleaner finish. Love that it supports women farmers.

Elisabeth M.
A cause I can drink to

If you want to support women leaders and enjoy an awesome coffee, search no further. Grace Farms has got a winning formula!

Tim T.
Really, really good.

I really like this coffee, I tried it in the coffee maker, french press, and pour over. My favorite being pour over removed any bitterness I got from the french press. Give it a try for sure!

Pedro L.
Colombian coffee heaven

I love Colombian coffee for its reliably smooth taste without any bitterness. This is a perfect example of exceptional Colombian coffee from the northern part of the country. A must try for those who love coffee.

Henry S.
Be Bold! Go, Grace Farms!

I love this place. The coffee is literally one of the reasons I keep going back. Go, Grace Farms! You all rock!

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