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Located in New Canaan, Connecticut (40 miles from New York City), Grace Farms is a welcoming place, open to all. Grace Farms opened in 2015 with the the audacious mission to make the world a more peaceful place.

Created and operated by Grace Farms Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, Grace Farms seeks to address pressing humanitarian issues of our time and end forced labor in our local and global communities while providing a peaceful place for people to convene.

a convening coffee

Bringing people together over shared meals has been central in our journey. In 2014, as construction of Grace Farms was underway, a local supporter, coffee importer, and roaster offered to generously donate all the coffee to Grace Farms to serve visitors, not-for-profit partners, and staff.

For more than a year we searched to identify the very best ethically sourced coffees from around the world. In 2015 we opened Grace Farms with River Roast, a perfectly balanced blended coffee sourced exclusively from women-led co-ops in Ethiopia, Colombia, and Indonesia.

grace farms foods

Shortly after opening we began getting calls from visitors asking us to mail bags of the delicious coffee around the country. In 2021, we created Grace Farms Foods to share Grace Farms with the world and invite everyone to be part of our mission by offering our signature cookies, coffee, and tea.

Grace Farms Foods is a public benefit corporation, 100% owned by Grace Farms Foundation, which means every purchase not only demonstrates the charitable purposes of Grace Farms Foundation, but also gives back 100% of profits to support the humanitarian work of Grace Farms Foundation.

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